Peak Behavioral Strategies

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1:1 Direct ABA Therapy

Therapy occurs in the natural environment (typically in the child's home) and involves reinforcing pro-social and adaptive behaviors (i.e., eye contact, functional communication, etc.) while withholding reinforcement for challenging and maladaptive behaviors (i.e., melting down, aggression, elopement, etc.).  

Parent Training

Parent involvement is crucial for any behavioral intervention to succeed.  Parents will be trained to implement ABA methods to address target behaviors outside of scheduled therapy time.  Parents may also be required to take data on target behaviors throughout the week between therapy sessions.

Behavior Management Program Creation and Implementation

Every child is unique, and we will create a behavior plan to meet his or her unique needs.  After completing a behavioral assessment, the therapist will work with the parents to identify target behaviors and the most effective methods for modifying them.